Pick and choose from any of the below styles to create your 14K enamel bundle package.

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A EAR-104 22-1.5pt RD 1.3 DWT
B EAR-105 2-2.5pt RD 1.4 DWT
C EAR-106 2-2.5pt RD 1.9 DWT
D EAR-107 2-2.5pt RD 1.6 DWT
E EAR-108 2-2.5pt RD 1.3 DWT
F EAR-109 2-2.5pt RD 1.4 DWT
G EAR-111 1.6 DWT
H FAS-342 1-2.5pt RD  1.9 DWT
I FAS-343 1-2.5pt RD 2.2 DWT
J FAS-344 1-2.5pt RD 2.0 DWT
K FAS-345 1-2.5pt RD 1.9 DWT
L FAS-346 1-2.5pt RD 1.9 DWT
*M PEN-185 1-2.5pt RD  0.7 DWT
*N PEN-186 1-2.5pt RD  1.0 DWT
*O PEN-187 1-2.5pt RD  0.8 DWT
*P PEN-188 1-2.5pt RD  0.7 DWT
*Q PEN-189 1-2.5pt RD  0.7 DWT 

+ sold individually
* chain not included
All weights are approximate and based on 14k by pennyweight (DWT)